Reviews & Testimonials

Mia W.


First off, the receptionist, Mayra, is AMAZING! She is so welcoming and helpful. SECONDLY, Dr. Mike and Dr. Sam are just the best people, period. I have been going to chiropractors since the 90's and these two doctors know their stuff! I feel so much better after leaving their office PLUS they give me exercises to do at home. I cannot say enough about these two. Go see Dr. Mike or Dr. Sam TODAY!!!!

Alana R.


A forever client to Dr. Mike & Sam! I was in a bad car accident, leaving me with back and neck problems for the past 20 years. After the first visit with Dr. Sam, I left knowing I was going to be in good hands. The next week, I felt more comfortable at my office desk job and I even had more energy. Dr. Sam and Dr. Mike are both professional with caring hearts. I have been back several times since and I have been seeing even more of an improvement with the discomfort in my back and I can't imagine it any other way. They are more than just your neighborhood chiros- they work great as a team and runs  great practice. I would have no hesitation to refer them to anyone. Thank you Dr. Sam & Dr. Mike!

Beth W.


Dr. Mike Fauce is a caring, talented, trustworthy professional. He takes time to answer all of my questions and he listens and responds to my concerns. I always know that when he is providing my care, he is fully present for me. His treatment and ongoing care have alleviated the chronic neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing! I highly recommend Dr. Mike, he is phenomenal!!

I have also had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Samantha, who is equally skilled and caring! The doctors and the office staff are all delightfully positive, patient and responsive.

Colette K.


Thank you to Valerie. She is THE BEST massage therapist on the west coast. I also want to thank Dr. Mike for educating me and making me a believer in the quality of life regular chiropractic care brings. And finally, I want to thank both Dr. Mike and Dr. Sam for their friendship, kindness, and for remembering my birthday. Their practice is like a small town clinic. Everyone is family.